Digitalis Commons
Dart Grants

The Digitalis Commons offers quick, targeted up to $3,000 grants to individuals and groups working to develop public goods for better health.


The Commons Dart Grant process is designed to be painless: simply write on a single side of a single page about who you are, what you propose to do, how it will create a public good for better health, how you’ll measure your success, and how long it will take.


To submit your single-page PDF, or to get in touch with us for any reason, including to check on your application status, email


Can anyone apply?

Yes-any age, any country, no credentials required.

What type of project qualifies?

Any project that will benefit human or animal health, and that operates as a public good will be considered. See some of the other Commons Projects for examples of initiatives relevant to us.

What is required if I receive funding?

You’ll receive 50% up front, and we will check in with you during the project before sending the second half. At the end, we’ll ask for both a technical write up and another piece for a less-technical audience to be posted on the Digitalis Commons website. That’s it.

What are the key dates?

There are no key dates. Applications are rolling until all grant money has been allocated.

What kind of projects are you looking for?

We’re seeking proposals that help create public goods. This means something that provides a benefit for everyone. Examples include technology standards, mechanisms for information exchange, or even cloud services. But our examples don’t matter much—we’re keenly interested in new ideas.

How will you select the winners?

We are looking for smart people with a well-defined problem in need of solving. We pay particular attention to how you will develop a public good—as it’s the mission of the Commons.

I have a job. Can I still apply?

Yes. Anyone can apply. You just need to make sure that you don't conflict with any IP policy or contract you've signed with your employer.

Can teams apply?

Yes. Multiple people can apply together as a team. Please fill out a single application, but provide background information for each person in the team. You should designate a lead person to coordinate the application as well as receive and deploy the money.

Can I apply multiple times?

Yes, you may apply as often as you like.

I love this idea and I want to help. Can I provide additional funding, datasets, mentorship, or help reviewing applications?

We are looking for like-minded colleagues. If you want to contribute in any way, please email us at

Are there any strings attached?

The money is a grant. It's not an equity investment or loan. We won't own any of your intellectual property. Our only requirement is that your work produces a public good.

Where did you get the idea to do this?

This program is directly inspired by and borrows from the, which in turn was inspired by, and directly borrowed from Nat Friedman and Daniel Gross and their AI Grant Program. That program was inspired by, and directly borrows many elements from Nadia Eghbal and her no-strings-attached grant program.