Public goods for better health.

Digitalis Commons was founded in 2018 as a not-for-profit platform for the production of public goods to improve health. The Commons is led by a group of people committed to improving health and we look to partner with other individuals and organizations to build open, frontier-advancing, and scalable solutions that have an outsized impact on health.


Digitalis Commons invests in “public goods” in the traditional economic sense of the term. These are tools that are both “non-rival” (a user of a product or service does not deplete the product or service, nor prevent another user from consuming that same product or service) and “non-excludable” (once released, users cannot be prevented from using a given product or service) in nature. Classic examples of public goods from the economics literature include light from a lighthouse or basic scientific knowledge. The Commons takes this concept and applies it to initiatives tackling the broad sphere of health. Examples in the health domain include open-source software and technical standards that can extend the delivery of care to under-served populations, accelerate the personalization of health, or improve our ability to act on social determinants of health.

We believe that openness drives innovation through the distribution and adaptation of knowledge.


We look for solutions that can impact the greatest number of people through the intelligent application of institutional infrastructure, expertise, and capital.


We partner with those who embrace industry-disrupting trends and technologies.


If you have a problem worth solving or a solution that needs building, write to us at